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This is a project page for Thread Tools, a user script which aims to provide additional functionality for article comments and message wall.

Current VersionEdit

  • Description: Added functionality for the show/hide buttons. Made many changes in module "ToggleButtons", most notably the introduction of 3 new functions:
 * Function:    toggleThread (Article Comments only!)
 * Description: Shows or hides a single thread, record action in localStorage  

 * Function:    toggleUser
 * Description: Shows or hides all posts by a single user, record action in localStorage 

 * Function:    togglePost
 * Description: Shows or hides a single post, record action in localStorage  

Also made some tweaks to module "Stylesheet" and added the following code inside of the document.ready() function at the very bottom of the script:

// Collapse the posts that are supposed to be collapsed upon pageload
// Collapse the threads that are supposed to be collapsed upon pageload
  • Date: June 2nd

Version 1.06Edit

  • Description: Adds a first - and only partially tested - version of the Storage module. It adds also a light-weight module pattern to split the code into smaller chunks and deal with potential namespace problems.
  • Code: /v1.06.js

Documentation for the Storage moduleEdit

method parameter(s) returns description
addPost article: id of the li-element, message-wall: data-id of the li-element nothing adds a collapsed post to localStorage
remPost see above nothing removes a collapsed post from localStorage
addThread as above, li of the topmost post nothing adds a collapsed thread to localStorage
remThread see above nothing removes a collapsed thread from localStorage
addUser articles: data-user of the li element messageWall: li//div[class="edited by"]/a/text() nothing plonks a user
remUser see above nothing unplonks a user
getUnreadPosts none jQuery object li element(s)of posts that are new since the last visit
getPlonkedPosts none jQuery object li element(s) that are collapsed because the user is plonked
getCollapsedPosts none jQuery object li element(s) of the collapsed posts
getCollapsedThreads none jQuery object topmost li element(s) of the collapsed threads

Version 1.05Edit

  • Description: Adds a "Source" button to the "More" menu at bottom right of Message Wall posts. Clicking on "Source" will log the post's raw wikitext to the console. Similarly a bracket icon and an "edit" link will be added to article comments. Both additions have been tested, but not excessively :)
  • This version also adds an - admittedly hacky - way to reload the ThreadTools whenever the article comments paginate.
  • Code: /v1.05.js

Version 1.04Edit

  • Description: User Interface fairly complete. Now adds buttons for Message Wall and Article Comments in Oasis and Monobook. No functionality.
  • Code: /v1.04.js
  • Main Test Pages:
  • Bugs
    • Article Comments in Monobook: hiding the post causing the button to overlap with remaining text. Collapse method will need to increase the margin-top of $(div.edited-by) to push it back down to prevent overlap
    • Message Wall in Oasis: The middle button, Show User, displays in a slightly different location on main posts as opposed to replies.
    • Go here (Article Comment in Monobook) and hide the comment by Rappy that starts with "Quite populated now with the release of 3.0." -- you'll notice the comment below it lands in an awkward place.

Version 1.03Edit

  • Description: Only has GUI for article comments in Oasis and Monobook, no functionality.
  • Code: /v1.03.js
  • Testing: Go here (Oasis) or here (Monobook), scroll down to the article comments, and then run the following code from your console.

Version 1.02Edit

  • Description: Mathmagician modified previous work by Pecoes to be able to show/hide comments by all users.
  • Code: /v1.02.js
  • Testing: Go here (Oasis) or here (Monobook), scroll down to the article comments, and then run the following code from your console.

Version 1.01Edit

  • Description: Code rebuilt from ground up by Pecoes to show/hide comments made by specified users instead of completely erasing them.

Version 1.00Edit

  • Description: Replaces the body of all comments by User:Ralok with "(spam)"
  • Code: /v1.00.js
  • Testing: Go here (Oasis), and then run the following code from your console.

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