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  • My occupation is Student
  • I am A Genius, also not female
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  • I tried to use the cross-wikia-transclusion trick you used recently and embed an emoticon from w:c:templates. That obviously broke the page. Do you have any idea how to fix this? I'm stumped.

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  • Can you hop on

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    • Weird. Os? Fmd box and replace box content ? Checkbox status?

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    • Operating system is Windows 7. The images I posted URLs to have the other information, please look at them and see for yourself:



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  • Here's a first demo of automatically converted Jsdoc output. As you can see it looks quite different. It would take quite a bit of doing, but it would be possible to use the same color scheme as in the original files. But it's not really possible to use the same typefaces. Mainly because Wikia does not permit those types of files.

    Here's the stylesheet: Jsdoc.css. Feel free to toy with it!

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    • The stuff I listed in my last post isn't really difficult to solve. They're just things I noticed when I first saw the code in action. That's all.

      Kicking out global is not necessary. I just don't like the "_global_" name. I'd rather have "global". A little formatting issue. Same with that empty p tag...

      I can also deal with the default values and the example code. It's not difficult. It just takes a little time.

      The line numbers are handy. I agree. Everything else is meh at best. I also feel it's a needless duplication to have two versions of the same script. Maybe we should think of a way to add line number to the source-tag instead? That would have uses beyond our documenting project.

      And about the script: Actually I was hoping I could make it so maintenance free that I can give you the script - instead of you giving me the files to parse with the script.

      To use the documentation at your wiki, you need to add this to w:c:railgunscript:MediaWiki:Common.js:

      if (/^docs\//i.test(wgPageName) && wgAction == 'view') {
          importScriptPage('Jsdoc.js', 'pecoes');
          importStylesheetPage('Jsdoc.css', 'pecoes');

      And to use make.php on your pc you need to install the YUI Compressor

      I'll upload the script to in a few hours.

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    • It turns out jsdoc-toolkit uses the code-tag for a great many things. There's no way make.php can distinguish example code from everything else and it doesn't seem to be a good idea to replace all uses of the code-tag.

      I'm afraid I have to ask you to go back in and add source- or nowiki-tags to example code and default values.

      Sorry about the bad news!

      I'll upload the script now.

      Just so you know:

      1. The script's output is very verbose. It logs every little detail about the communication with the server to stdout. That's probably not particularly useful to you, but it does not indicate a problem.
      2. The script takes a very very long time to execute. That's intentional. I've set the minimum time between uploads to 60 seconds.
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  • I may have found something interesting for your Railgun: Voting. We'd have to find somebody who's been around for a while to know for sure, but it seems that at some point in time Wikia experimented with votes on articles. Maybe the users weren't all that interested in that feature. Maybe it never saw the light of day. I can't tell. Again: We'd have to find a veteran to know for sure. But either way: The mechanism for voting is still around and it appears to still work.

    Why is this interesting? First of all a vote is a minor interaction with Wikia's servers. It doesn't cause a lot of traffic or cost a lot of server time. It's not a big deal. That makes it interesting to use it as a Ping of sorts - especially since votes seem to be timestamped automatcially.

    And secondly - and most importantly - it does not seem that voting counts as an edit. If that's true than a JavaScript that "votes" in the background, does not pollute anybody's EditCount or any wiki's WikiActivity/RecentChanges/Logs or other important metrics.

    All of this is highly speculative, of course, and yes we're most definitely talking about a hack here!

    If you're interested, take a look at the [/api.php API] and search for the "wkvoteart" entries. There's four of them under:

    • action=insert
    • action=update
    • action=delete
    • action=query

    The first three are for casting votes and the fourth one retrieves an article's votes.

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    • Yes, I realized that. The keys needing to be recognized is being removed in the next update.

      However, it doesn't change the fact that my script is stored in the MediaWiki namespace, which not just anybody can edit. Devs writing modules do need my consent to add them into my script.

      It's not supposed to be a complicated thing though. If someone wants to work on the project, I give them admin access to the wiki. Simple as that.

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    • By module, I meant plugin. Sorry for the misphrasing.

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    1. Here's a first sketch of a quote
    2. I moved all that CSS into a stylesheet where it belongs. The Stylesheet module is a loader for the CSS file now.
    3. EDIT: And a third thing: I'm starting to like the HTML code in the ThreadTools.js source. It's actually useful that you can link to modules indivdually. I've just modified the HTML bits, so that "edit section" links appear now as well. Because why edit the entire codebase, when you only want to fix a particular module?
    4. EVEN MORE EDIT: And a fourth thing... This is a link to an article about arrays in JavaScript I wanted to give you for days but always forgot. It's quite short, but I'd say it's a must-read.
    5. And while I'm at it: Would you be interested in this?
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    • FUCK! This crap drives me nuts. The RTE mini editor keeps eating my <nowiki> tags. They just disappear! Again and again and again.

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    • 3. It's not ThreadTools. My section edit links are missing globally on every page that has <h2> tags (==Header==). In fact it's not anything in my global.js or global.css so far as I can tell. I'm going back to my assumption that it's a Wikia bug.

      And yes, the mini editor is horrendous with some of those tags. It eats my <pre> and <nowiki> tags on just about every other occasion.

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  • I'm starting to wonder whether I've made the Wikimarks too complicated. The initial idea was to use regular wikitext because that's what people are familiar with (or should be). Now I'm starting to think that a little bit of custom syntax might make things easier - for noobs as well as for pros. So without further ado, here's the idea:

    depth title = link

    "depth" is the menu level, so it's either "1", "2" or "3"
    "title" is what shows up in the menu
    "link" is a wikilink or URL

    Here are some examples of relative links:

    1 Wiki Activity = Special:WikiActivity
    2 Wiki Activity = /wiki/Special:WikiActivity
    2 Wiki Activity = /index.php?title=Special:WikiActivity

    Note that it's irrelevant, whether you use a wikilink or a URL

    Some absolute links:

    1 Wiki Activity = w:c:example:Special:WikiActivity
    2 Wiki Activity =
    1 Wiki Activity =

    Again: It's irrelevant what link notation you use

    Those were the basics, let's move on to the advanced stuff:

    1 Subpages = url("Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    3 Subpages = url("/wiki/Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = url("w:c:example:Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = url("
    2 Subpages = win("Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = win(""+wgPageName)

    url() can be used for both relative links and absolute links and accepts URLs as well as wikilinks

    win() does just the same - except it will open the link in a new tab or window (depends on your browser settings)

    url() and win() are actually JavaScript functions. So the above is equivalent to:

    1 Subpages = javascript:url("Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = javascript:url("/wiki/Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = javascript:url("w:c:example:Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    3 Subpages = javascript:url(""+wgPageName)
    3 Subpages = javascript:win("Special:PrefixIndex/"+wgPageName)
    2 Subpages = javascript:win(""+wgPageName)

    And of course you're not confined to these two JavaScript functions! You can use ANY JavaScript code you like. But you're only allowed to leave out the "javascript:" part, when you use url() or win()

    So, what do you think? Personally I think this would be easy to use and easy to learn. It IS however one extra thing one has to memorize.

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    • Well, now you have =P. That show and its currently airing prequel, Fate/zero, sit together at the #3 spot on my top 15 list, out of the 200 or so anime I've seen. It's one of my bigger hobbies, you could say.

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    • If I ever come across it, I'll watch it!

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  • I've made the first sketches for my Updater. I will test it with Wikimarks first, but it's supposed to work just as well for ThreadTools. The idea is to "make" the project with a single command.

    1. Minify the JS and CSS files
    2. Add comment header and footer to the minified files
    3. insert headers and a table of contents into the regular JS (like I did just now (by hand))
    4. add version info to the headers of all files
    5. add revision commentary to all files
    6. upload the lot to Wikia

    What kind of system do you have? (My guess would be a Mac :) Java is a given it seems, but what about PHP? Is that available on your machine?

    What about the changes to ThreadTools.js? Do you like them? I'm having second thoughts. The web presentation looks nicer now, but in my IDE it looks rather ugly. The latter is what counts more, isn't it?

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    • Well. I'll write the Quote module next and I'll try to comment it much better than the previous stuff. Hopefully we'll find some middle ground...

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    • The important thing is to make the code make sense to anyone who might want to edit it. (Remember, for all we know, someone new might want to join the project or help maintain it later.)

      To me, first and foremost, that means I need to know what objects and functions are meant to do, the properties and methods an object has, and I need to know what parameters a function needs and what that function returns. That's just because I'm an object-oriented thinker. To me, an event handler is merely a function (or something that happens inside of a function).

      Of course, if I myself am never going to be using certain functions, objects, modules etc., I don't need to know the specifics, so long as they work and I can guess what they do.

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  • I know you prefer Chrome to Firefox, but today I found a truly awesome plugin for Firebug called Acebug that makes Firefox a serious contender. Check it out! I can't believe I only just now found this. How did I ever get anything done without it? :)

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    • Yep, I've tried disabling / restarting browser / reinstalling, still nothing.

      Do I maybe need to get a different version of Firefox and/or Firebug? Maybe it's not compatible with Firefox 12, Firebug 1.10.0a10?

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    • I use the same versions. That's not it. Whatever it is.

      There's not much I can do really. If not even such surefire stuff as /html/body works, then it's broken. Bummer.

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