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  • RailgunServer.js

    19 June 2012 -- This file defines the lightweight Railgun server script, which processes localStorage requests issued by the Railgun client via postMessage. The Railgun server consists of 3 pieces: this script, a page in the MediaWiki namespace, and a page in the content namespace. The MediaWiki page carries this server script, and in turn is included into the content page with verbatim tags. The content page (the server) is then loaded within an iframe by the Railgun client.
    Jeff Bradford (User:Mathmagician)
  • RailgunClient.js

    19 June 2012 -- This file defines the Railgun client, a user script which provides a set of additional features for the Wikia Rail. It is designed for personal usage on all wikis.
    Jeff Bradford (User:Mathmagician)
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